Welcome To Jamia Sattaria Faiz-Ul-Raheem :

Assalamu Alykum , After defeat in the 1857 revolution, the farsighted Ulama of that age embarked on establishing Madaris and Makatib to eliminate the English culture and guard muslim identity. It is because of their sincere efforts that Islamic culture is still there all over the country.

Similarly, observing the prevailing illiteracy among Muslims and saddening neglectfulness of education, one of the greatest and most sought after mystic and noble person of the locality Hafiz Abdussattar, spiritual successor of Hazrat Raipuri started a educational movement and after establishing a Madarsa at Nanka, initiated to establish more Madaris in the locality which resulted in education awareness among Muslim and helped them eradicate the ignorance from the localilty.

With the blessing of Allah and by virtue of Hazrat's sincere prayers and care, this madarsa has obtained the status of religious center and is running successfully imparting valuable and precious education in a pure Islamic and religious atmosphere.

How you can support the JSF :

After thanking Allah, we wholeheartedly extend our gratitude to all those brothers and sisters who have supported and who continue to support us.

Help us to continue helping you by partaking in the Jamia Sattaria Faiz-Ul-Raheem’s schemes and helping us to share the message.

You can get involved by:
» Continuously making du‘aa for the acceptance and success of the Our works.
» Using the madrasa’s services and participating in its various programmes and events.
» Referring to the madrasa those who may benefit from its services.
» Distributing the madrasa’s literature and advertising its events in your locality.
» Contributing lillah donations or loans towards the madrasa’s ongoing projects. Donations can be made via the internet, by post or in person.

We hope and pray that we can, with the assistance of Allah subhanuhu wa ta'aala, continue to help sow the seeds; creating future generations which will be fruitful for us all.