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Nikah :

• Arranging a Nikah Ceremony :
• Contact Jamia Sattaria Faiz-Ul-Raheem to obtain a nikah application form and arrange the date and time for nikah.
• The form must be returned at least three days before the day of the nikah.
• Proof of identity in the form of an original passport must be produced for examination with the completed nikah application form. We will retain a copy for our records.


Advice and Information :

Information :
In its endeavour to provide a culturally appropriate service, one of the first schemes Jamia Sattaria Faiz-Ul-Raheem initiated was an advice and information facility for young people who may feel isolated and unable to access other sources of support and help. Over the years, the scheme has helped many young people find solutions to their issues. Drug and alcohol abuse, vandalism, family and matrimonial issues are some of the areas in which young people have referred to our strictly confidential advice and information service. Personal meetings can be arranged by contacting the madarsa or alternatively, help is available via post or e-mail.


Other Services :

Annual Conference :
• The establishment of the five daily prayers and Salatul Jumu'ah.
• A second Salatul Jumu'ah during the summer months.
• Taraweeh salah.
• Salatul Eedayn.
• English lecture before Salatul Jumu'ah.
• Daily book reading and religious discourse.
• Special youth programmes.
• Various workshops and short courses.